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Brazile Bucks Responsibility and Slams Trump

Donna Brazile, interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee wrote a Congressional letter this week urging investigation regarding the alleged Russian interference and corruption surrounding this year’s elections.

Brazile also victimized the DNC claiming that they were no match for Russian cyberattacks, while ignoring the egregious missteps and oversight within the administration’s handling of security breaches.

Brazile’s comments come as irony given the fact that they directly contradict recent statements made by Obama in a press conference last Friday during which he said he told Putin to “cut it out”. Obama went on to claim that they did not “…see further tampering of the election process,” after such conversation.

The fact that this conversation even allegedly happened is questionable to say the least. Obama implying that all that was needed was to give Putin a “strong talking to” – as if the Russian President were no more than a mischievous child is laughable.

Brazile went on to chastise Trump for using the email leaks as campaign leverage for political purposes while fundamentally ignoring the ridiculous lack of common sense and poor judgment on the DNC end regarding the security breaches.

According to leaked content, once the DNC discovered their system was compromised, they decided to take the measure to forward new passwords to their team in order to address the situation –via email.

Now the DNC is blaming the Russian government for their lack of foresight at taking preemptive measures to enhance security as a tool to deflect the real issue at hand – the content of the emails.

This is all but too ironic, especially given Brazile’s checkered history surrounding her biased involvement in DNC activity.

Brazile is accused of leaking campaign information from the Sanders team to the Clintons in order to benefit her chances at a win. She lost her contributor position with CNN for the controversy surrounding her doling out debate questions to the team and she additionally, unapologetically made a biased pull for Clinton in her 2014 interview with the Washington Post – an act all in of itself that should have warranted her to step down.

It seems Brazile should be more concerned with muzzling her own words and examining her own multi-dimensional levels of hypocrisy that is her glass house before she starts casting stones at Trump.

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