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Dem Election Scapegoat Fury — HRC Not Problem

In an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd (view full transcript here), Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta refused several times to say the presidential election was “free and fair”. In an attempt to redirect Podesta after dodging the question, Todd stated,  “You didn’t answer the question. Do you believe this was a free and fair election?”, to which Podesta relied,


Well, I think it was distorted by Russian intervention, let’s put it that way… A foreign adversary directly intervened in our democratic institution, and tried to tilt the election to Donald Trump…I was highly critical of the way the FBI director managed the situation with respect to the Russian engagement vs. Hillary Clinton’s emails. I think that all had an effect on the election.

Podesta’s response, coupled with the recent statements by Donna Brazile this week only serve to highlight the level that the Democratic party and its administration are out of touch with the reality of the context of the situation. There is an unwavering blatant refusal to accept Clinton’s fault in the matter and to redirect and reframe the conversation to everything from nationwide misogyny, to xenophobia or Russian involvement — take your pick – or heck, why not all three?

Regardless of whether or not the emails were hacked and whom they were hacked by, the fact still remains that Clinton and her administration utilized an egregious disregard for national security and the best interest of the people while displaying blatant apathy to commonplace established regulation and policy put in place for protection.

The nation had already gone through a previous Clinton administration rife with controversy and criticism. Throw in Whitewater, Benghazi and a pending FBI investigation with a candidate who’s history of political corruption and corporate pandering is highly questionable and one is left wondering who’s spiking the coffee with acid in the DNC administration.

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