Elections 2016

Nasty Dems Going Viral Over Disrespect

The internet is in a frenzy as social media goes viral with endless posts of bitter democrats flipping off images and establishments of the President-elect. Recently, Twitter was ablaze with images of people flipping off NYC’s Trump Tower and videos have surfaced of people doing the same.

My how the liberals have the memory of a goldfish…

As we take a trip down memory lane – not too far – just around a couple steps – one can recall the Democrats up in arms over publicized conservative reaction to the election of Obama, as if being dismayed at a loss were anything but normal.

Fast forward a few moments later and liberals are burning flags, running protests and campaigns like #notmypresident, and literally hanging figures of the President-elect in protest outside of his establishments.

Not only is this behavior unbelievably boorish and egregiously disrespectful, but it is laughably hypocritical. The entire ill-conceived premise of concern surrounding the Demoncratic Party’s views on Conservativism is that it is rooted in intolerance and hate – how ironic.

Coming from a group that has run amok burning American flags and hanging figures of the President-elect in protest over the loss of their disgraceful, corrupt politician — I find this highly amusing that not a single one can find the irony in their actions.


Not only are they fundamentally disrespecting the spirit of the American democratic system that they “hold so dear”, but they are setting a horrendous and atrocious example of the hypocrisy in their American values and putting it all on display as the rest of the world watches in awe. Can anyone remember the amount of uproarthat had gone on when just a single person been found to exhibit this same level of behavior and/or virulent hatred towards the media darling that is Obama?

Come back around in four years with a candidate who doesn’t have the let-down record of a Washington Redskin’s season and get a grip.

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