Congress Threatens Obama Over Executive Actions

Barack Obama thinks he would have beat Donald, he thinks the country shares his vision, and he probably thinks Hillary won somewhere in the mad recess of his mind. How else to explain his recent actions?

Obama, far from honoring his promise to Trump to guarantee a smooth transition of power, has gone out of his way to try to handcuff Trump. He has moved to enact executive actions and orders that seem petty and seem directed at Trump. Such as the ban on drilling in the Arctic and off the east coast of the lower 48.

The UN resolution condemning Israel was another. While toothless and meaningless, the resolution will have some consequences for both Trump and Israel. Mainly future actions will be tainted by illegitimacy. Obama’s illegitimacy by Trump and Netanyahu will have to clean up the mess.

Thanks Obama.

Some members of Congress had enough and issued a threatening letter to Obama. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy warned Obama,

“Should you ignore this counsel, please be aware that we will work with our colleagues to ensure that Congress scrutinizes your actions—and, if appropriate, overturns them—pursuant to the Congressional Review Act.”

“We have the opportunity to return to commonsense principles of regulation and curb unnecessary government interference in the private sector. In doing so, we will grow the economy, create jobs, and above all, help the people who have been overlooked in the past. To this end, we respectfully request you honor the will of the American people and refrain from working on or issuing any new, non-emergency regulations while carrying out your remaining term in office.”

Leave with grace Obama, try to salvage your reputation with a little humility. You haven’t so far and look what happened.

Give it one last try you may be amazed at the results.


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