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Trump And Reagan Share Magical Bond

Donald Trump is largely misunderstood by the press and many Americans. But as more details about his life, real details not rumors peddled by a liberal press hell-bent on destroying him, emerge we start to see the full picture of the man.

For example, when he turned Mar A Lago into a club he made sure it accepted those who had been shut out of the Palm Beach Florida Country Club scene.

Mainly Jews and Blacks who were prohibited from admission into this ultra-rich enclave of power and prestige.

Trump shattered that, knocked it down, and in the span of a few short years had (by leading the way) radically altered that closed society into an open one.

Reagan shared Trump’s inclusivity and belief in the average American over the snobbery of the elites. Like a Jeb Bush never could.

And now it turns out Reagan and Trump share another magical connection.

According to transition officials, Rabbi Marvin Hier, will pray at the inauguration. Marking the first time since Ronald Reagan that a Rabbi has been invited.

According to Allen West, the last one was Rabbi Alfred Gottschalk during Reagan’s 1985 inauguration.

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