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Trump Reveals Secret Plan For Russia

Donald Trump has not weighed in on the most critical aspect of the whole Russian hacking situation. Until now.

Trump cut right to the real issue, not the one the media wants to talk about. The media wants to divide America over the Russia issue, instead of bringing us together. That’s how you know they are full of it.

Same with Obama. If Obama really believed Russia did what he alleges, then his response is weak and downright treasonous. If he really believed it he would have hit them much harder. Well, this is Obama so maybe this was as strong as he gets?

Regardless Obama can’t have it both ways anymore. Not with Trump around.

Donald broke his silence and revealed the real common goal we all should have saying

“Having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing, only stupid people or fools would think it’s bad.”


He’s 100% right.

Why can’t we at least try to work with Russia where our interests intersect? Say taking out ISIS.

We used to work with Russia, especially concerning Iran who Russia has close ties to.


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