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Russian Stronger Than Ever After Obama’s Failure

Russian President Vladimir Putin sat for his famous hours long year-end news conference and didn’t hold back

He said that he hoped for a constructive relationship with US President Elect Donald Trump, but that a nuclear build-up was to be expected.

And he sent a spine tinging warning through the assembled crowd, saying the US withdrawal in 2001 from the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty had “created the conditions for a new nuclear arms race”.

“It’s no secret we’ve worked hard to improve our missile forces.”

“After the US pulled out of the ABM Treaty, we have had to modernize our offensive systems.”

Where was Obama when Putting was modernizing his missiles? What was Obama doing? Putting useless sanctions that can’t be enforced that just made enmity run deeper?

Putin ripped Obama saying,

“I’ve said before that the losing side is looking for people to blame outside. They would do better to look for the problems among themselves.”

“The Democrats lost ground in congressional elections as well, So that’s my work too?”

Ouch Barack. You perfect narrative of why you have been rejected is looking flimsier by the day.

But the real consequence of your failure – a revitalized Russia is all too real.


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