Trump Promises To Do Obama A Great Service

Donald Trump held his first press conference as President-elect and started off hitting the media hard for their inaccurate treatment of him.

He said Mexico has been nice but the wall is going up immediately. He also promised to fix health care once and for all.

He told reporters that he just turned down a 2 billion dollar deal in Dubai. He ripped the media telling them if Putin likes Donald trump that’s called an asset, not a liability.

He said Obamacare is a disaster, and it will implode in 2017.

He said the smart move would be to let if explode so all can see the total democratic failure.

But he said that would be hurt too many people, so instead he will do Obama a great service, “we are going to do the democrats a tremendous service by fixing the mess before it completely unravels.”

That’s what a President does — take control of the situation, even if it was caused by others failures and fixes them.


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