Elections 2016

John McCain Launches Attack Against Trump

John McCain is at it again.  The guy thinks he should be President it’s evident. He went after Trump for of all things, doing what he promised on the campaign trail.

McCain is an old-school politician who thinks campaign promises are just talk. When he realized Trump was serious McCain went on the attack.

“President Trump’s decision to formally withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a serious mistake that will have lasting consequences for America’s economy and our strategic position in the Asia-Pacific region. The U.S. can’t win if we forfeit opportunity.”

“Trump’s choice will create an opening for China to rewrite the economic rules of the road at the expense of American workers. And it will send a troubling signal of American disengagement in the Asia-Pacific region at a time we can least afford it.”

Before McCain could finish his rant an aide leaned over and whispered some devastating news – the people have the power now, not political hacks like you McCain.


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