Arrest Made In Massive Theft Ring Connected to Obama

Top level Democrats have a lot of explaining to do after what just happened down in Florida. Democrat Representative Corrine Brown has been arrested, accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a charity for children.

Sounds like a hypocritical democrat to me. The company she keeps also sound suspicious.

Brown has been a frequent guest on Air Force One with President Barack Obama. She has been close to Nancy Pelosi.

Corrine Brown was also a Hillary Clinton super delegate. Remember those super delegates? They rigged the game for Hillary against Bernie.

The disgraced Florida representative appeared in federal court this week on charges of stealing scholarship money intended for poor school children, the Washington Examiner reports.

After she won her seat in 1992, the Federal Election Commission accused her of violating multiple campaign finance laws. Corrine Brown reportedly accepted campaign donations from foreigners and failed to report usage of a corporate jet while campaigning, a clear violation of the law.

In 1998, Representative Brown cashed a check for $10,000 from Rev. Henry Lyons, the disgraced National Baptist Convention president who spent five years in prison for fraud. She said she used the money to bus supporters to an event? Did I tell you she’s also a bad liar?

She was a target of a House Ethics investigation in 2000. This time Brown is accused of stealing from the One Door for Education charity. If convicted on all 24 counts she could face up to 357 YEARS in prison and $4.8 million in fines.

But Obama of course had only nice things to say about her.


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