Maria Bartiromo Discovers Muslim Spy Ring

Three Muslim brothers who managed office information technology for top Democrats in Congress were fired today. They worked for democratic members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

In other words, they had access to top level stuff.  They have been accused of accessing congressional computers without permission and fired for theft.

The brothers  are Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Three members of the intelligence panel and five members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs were among the dozens of members who employed the suspects on a shared basis. These two committees deal with much of the nation’s most sensitive issues and documents.

Including those related to the war on terrorism. Among those whose computer systems may have been compromised is Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The Florida Democrat who had been the target of a disastrous email hack when she was chairman of the Democratic National Committee didn’t learn her lesson.

The brothers are suspected of accessing members’ computer networks without their knowledge and stealing equipment from Congress.

Jamal handled IT for Rep. Joaquin Castro, a Texas Democrat who serves on both the intelligence and foreign affairs panels.

“As of 2/2, his employment with our office has been terminated,” Castro spokeswoman Erin Hatch said.

Imran worked for Reps. Andre Carson, an Indiana Democrat, and Jackie Speier, a California Democrat. Both are members of the intelligence committee, and for Wasserman Schultz.

Tammy Duckworth, an Illinois Democrat, employed Abid for IT work in 2016 when she was a member of House committees dealing with the armed services, oversight, and Benghazi. Abid has a prior criminal record and a bankruptcy.

Abid, Imran and Jamal all shared a house in Lorton, Virginia, that is owned by Hina R. Alvi. Alvi is a female House IT employee who works for many of the same members as the three brothers, as well as the House Democratic Caucus.

The Congressional Credit Union repossessed Abid’s car in 2009, and he declared bankruptcy in 2012, facing multiple lawsuits. Alvi has taken multiple second mortgages.

Security-sensitive jobs usually require background checks for credit and legal problems so the workers cannot be pressured to reveal secrets for cash. Unless you work for democrats that is.

Maria Bartiromo said,

“They the Muslims were barred from computer networks at the House of Representatives on Thursday because they accessed Congressmen and Congress people’s computer networks unauthorized. At a minimum they were fired. At a minimum we know that they accessed computers unauthorized and they did so in foreign intelligence, foreign affairs and intelligence committees…. they were getting very important information, government information. They accessed these computers.”

“How is it possible that 3 brothers are hired, Muslim brothers…just saying, to work in Congress and deal with our most intelligent and sensitive information, number one? They were all making $160,000! Why were they paid so much? 22 years old…one of the guys, the other was 25. They’re making $160,000, $161,000 and $165,000. And one of them has a criminal background!”


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