Undercover Video Catches NH Election Officials Allowing Out-of-State Voters

The press has been hounding President Trump over claims over voter fraud. They went after Trump for claiming millions of illegals voted even though we have proof of convictions of illegal’s voting. One woman just got 8 years in a Texas Prison for voting while illegal.

It’s happening. There is a court record you cannot fake or alter that attests to it. The next attack Trump came under was after his senior adviser Stephen Miller went on TV and made the serious claim that voters are routinely bused into New Hampshire from nearby and more liberal Massachusetts.

Miller said everyone who has ever worked on a political campaign in New Hampshire, as Miller did, knows this. The media went crazy. Howling in false hysteria and accusing Miller of every crime under the sun.

And then this video just surfaced – proving Miller and Trump are right. Will the media apologize? Start reporting the truth?

Don’t bet on it.


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