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President Trump Brutally Attacks CNN During His Press Conference, Continues His War On Fake News [Video]

President Donald Trump owned CNN during his latest press conference on Thursday. CNN questioned Trump about the Wikileaks dump of Clinton’s 30K plus emails during the 2016 election.  According to Independent Journal Review, the CNN reporter stated that Donald encouraged Wikileaks to release damaging emails of Hilary’s to discredit her and ruin her campaign.

President Trump clarified the difference — with the Wikileaks, the emails were not government classified information. Moreover, he said he never encouraged anyone to release any damaging information about Clinton. Donald claimed that he told the RNC that he wanted to make sure that the party’s emails could not be to be hacked. And, the president says, they haven’t been due to his suggestion.

“The hackers tried to hack the RNC’s emails and couldn’t because of my suggestion to them,” President Trump stated.

At one point in the press conference, Donald Trump told CNN that he was changing his opinion of their network. He laughed and said they are no longer “fake news.” Instead, he labeled them “very fake news.”

Trump pointed out that he won the election by giving press conferences and speeches, and by winning the vote from America.  He added that he certainly didn’t win by the media’s misleading headlines.

“Tomorrow, there will be a headline saying, ‘Donald Trump ranted and raved at the press conference.’  I am not ranting nor raving about anything. I am having a good time doing my job,” President Trump explained.

The president realizes that not everyone will approve of every decision he makes, but he wants the media, at the very least, report about him and his cabinet, fairly and accurately.

Immediately after his conference, the Liberals claimed that he “proved” why the left thinks he is unfit to be the President of the United States. Others stated that it showed why Trump “lost the popular vote,” something that is debatable, at best.

As for Trump’s many supporters, they absolutely loved it. They were proud of the way he spoke directly to the American people and put CNN on blast for the manipulation of the truth.

The best part is, President Trump said this is only the beginning of the war on fake news.

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