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Hillary Clinton Caught In $145 Million Scandal, Falsely Leaked Info To Press About Trump’s Russian Ties

Donald Trump is still fighting the allegations that Russia helped him win the 2016 election by altering the results. Now,  the POTUS fights back with his own set of allegations. According to Trump, Hillary Clinton not only started the rumors that he had deep Russian ties, but she did it because she was covering up her own $145 million scandal with Russia.

It’s not a secret that Hillary used the Clinton Foundation donations to cover up her many shady business deals, many of which tied her directly to many countries in the Middle East, including Russia.

Peter Schweizer, the author of “Clinton Cash,” is calling for a federal investigation into her Russian uranium deal. According to Schweizer, Hillary, who was the Secretary of State, pushed the uranium deal to go through, so the Clinton Foundation would receive a $145 million check from the shareholders of Uranium One.

Proud Conservative reported that Clinton signed an agreement with former President Obama that she would report all the Clinton Foundation donors annually. In addition, she needed to give the Senate Foreign Relations Committee a complete list of her donors, but she failed to do that as well.

“In addition to the $145 million Bill Clinton got half a billion dollars, $500,000 for a 20-minute speech from a Russian investment bank tied to the Kremlin, two months before the State Department signed off on this deal. It just stinks to high heaven and I think it requires a major investigation by the federal government.”

Schweizer added that it is laughable that foreign governments, like Nigeria, Russia, and United Arab Emirates, donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and the public believed that they expected nothing in return.

Snopes concluded that Schweizer’s claim is unproven and warrants a federal investigation into Clinton Foundation’s foreign donors. Hillary Clinton’s corruption is never-ending. Schweizer calls for a federal investigation into her shady business dealings, especially considering the speculation that she may run for president in 2020.

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