Scott Baio Hits Nordstrom With A Devastating Message, Social Media Applauds Him

President Donald Trump’s supporters decide to put their hard earned money where their mouths are, and this time, Nordstrom will feel the pain.

Actor and Trump supporter, Scott Baio choose to boycott Nordstrom after the retail giant suddenly dropped Donald’s daughter, Ivanka’s clothing and shoe line.

Baio tweeted that he and his wife will never shop at the store again, sharing a snapshot of his wife’s Nordstrom account. The image displayed that  Baio has spent over $30,000 since December 25.

BPR reported that a few weeks ago,  Nordstrom said they would no longer carry Ivanka’s line. The retail giant claimed that their reason was her line was not getting satisfactory sales. President Trump was not convinced that was the reason for them to pull her line from their store.

The timing, directly after Trump issued a temporary travel ban,   fueled speculation that Nordstrom caved to the intense pressure of the thousands of anti-Trump protesters that issued a series of threats stating their intent to boycott the retail establishment.

Trump’s supporters applauded Baio’s decision, saying they would never shop at a store that tried to get to the president by lashing out at his daughter. And, Scott Baio isn’t the only person speaking out in a huge way to support Trump.

Singer Joy Villa skyrocketed to internet sensation status when she showcased her patriotic pro-Trump dress at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

Trump’s dedicated followers tossed their support behind the singer and encouraged Twitter users to follow the entertainer on social media. They added that she was brave to wear the dress to the award ceremony. Villa went to the Grammys with only 15,000 Twitter followers. Now, she has over 116,000.  Trump supporters flocked to iTunes to purchase Joy’s music.

The rash decision to pull Ivanka’s line will end up hurting Nordstrom in the long run. There’s power in numbers, and it looks like Trump and his supporters are on the winning side.


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