Trey Gowdy Does The Impossible

Trey Gowdy just did his part in helping Donald Trump drain the swamp. Trey, almost by himself, put an end to Obama’s corrupt ways for good. Trey made sure that Obama would be quickly forgotten as he worked to feverishly to reverse Obama’s failed policies. reversed as soonBarack left Washington.The House Judiciary Committee’s passage this week of a bill to stop an Obama-era “slush fund” policy is nothing less than Congress taking back its constitutional powers lost over the last eight years,

We expected Trey to do this work as he promised he would make it a priority — no matter who in Washington he had to battle. But we kind of take Trey for granted – what would be extraordinary for a regular Congressman is normal for Trey. You can say he spoiled us. And you can say we don’t appreciate him as much as we should because extraordinarily becomes routine it’s hard to cheer him on for everything good he does.


But Trey deserves some kudos for the move he just pulled. Remember, he came in willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of the stench of Obama.

We know this will take time. It is still Washington DC after all. A place it takes months if not years to pass legislation in the swamp. Unless your name is Trey Gowdy.

I don’t know how he did it, but he was able to pass a bill ending Obama’s slush funds in record time. Less than 1 month and Trey, the bill’s sponsor, got the job done. We have seen Washington that efficient since the days of George Washington.


According to the Palmetto Business Daily, Trey said of the historic day,

“The House Judiciary Committee’s passage of a bill to stop an Obama-era slush fund policy is nothing less than Congress taking back its constitutional powers lost over the last eight years,

“The Executive Branch should never be allowed to circumvent Congress to reward groups simply because they share an agenda with the current administration.”

“There is a reason the Constitution specifically grants Congress the power to appropriate.” And with that, a thousand liberal cried. Because what most people don’t know is Obama was using the slush funds Trey shut down to organize against Trump and run candidates in local races.

The bill was called H.R. 732. Trey co-sponsored the bill and worked overtime to get it passed. That he did it so quickly is extraordinary, even for Trey.

Just when you thought Trey couldn’t surprise you, he raises his game to a whole new level.




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