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Assange’s Favorite Hacker Exposes Threat

The deep state has it out for President Trump. He threatens everything they believe in. For the shaky in faith, he threatens their money. And it goes deeper than Obama holdovers, the deep state runs through all past administrations.

Trump could have taken a more diplomatic approach and behind the scenes he is, but he is uniquely qualified to use the Presidential bully pulpit. He has direct ties (due to technology) to the people so he can bypass the usual levers of power. This makes the deep state very nervous.


A popular president who is not afraid to remind the world he was elected to change Washington is not something the deep state is used to. They, used to dealing with cowardly politicians with shallow public support, never imagined facing a potential adversary who is not afraid to appeal directly to the people.

Weaker politicians, unable to do this, would bend to the will of the deep state or at least not rock the boat. Most believe the deep state will peacefully realign to the new direction of America, the deep state is full of patriots, but danger still lurks.

At least according to Kim Dotcom. A notorious hacker and friend of Assange, Dotcom just exposed a chilling thought. After WikiLeaks latest data dump, disturbing things surfaced about the deep state.


WikiLeaks revealed Obama’s CIA was looking at ways to carry out “undetectable assassinations through car hacking techniques on individuals they deemed a national security threat.”

“The CIA was also looking at infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks,” said WikiLeaks. “The purpose of such control is not specified, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations.”

Many recall that journalist Michael Hastings was killed in 2013 (his car randomly exploded hours after contacting WikiLeaks with damning information on Obama’s CIA.) If true what notoriuos hacker Kim Dotcom just said about President Trump is alarming.

Bow Kim Dotcom said,

“I told u about NSA before Snowden…”

“Clinton leaks before WikiLeaks…

“Now Trump is in danger”

This is the guy who has made some crazy predictions before that have come true.

In September of last year in a Bloomberg TV interview, he told the world that Julian Assange would soon be “Hillary’s worst nightmare.”

1 month later, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange ruined Hillary with a massive email drip campaign that ran right til election day.


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