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ISIS “Hit List” Hacker Dead By Drone

We finally got one of the worst of the worst in ISIS. As their territory continues to shrink and as their jihadi’s continue to desert them it is only a time before they are annihilated.

We are literally cutting off the head of the snake with our repeated micro-targeting of ISIS leaders. And we are just devastating them. The last ISIS leader to get killed dead from one of our drones?

And this guy was a bad dude. He was the notorious ISIS hacker responsible for distributing so-called “kill lists.”

Osed Agha, head of United Cyber Caliphate (UCC) hacking group was killed by a U.S. drone strike on the Islamic State’s de facto capital Raqqa, according to encrypted Telegram messages observed by The Foreign Desk.

The UCC posts ‘kill lists,’ containing names and addresses of Americans, “ranging from ordinary citizens to police officers and State Department employees.”

Experts claim they distribute more than they hack, as much of the data they release they get from publicly available databases.

The group previously posted a poster featuring U.S. President Donald Trump saying, “Will bring the war of America and raise the flag of tawheed (oneness) on the your lands by Allah’s will”

The white House has not confirmed the death but ISIS has.

In a video message, the group urges followers to continue Agha’s work, displaying a U.S. flag followed by an explosion and the word “soon,” likely a veiled call for jihadis to target the U.S. in revenge.

The UCC posted a message eulogizing Agha as a “‘Martyr and someone who “would leap with a sword in his hands to cut-off the heads of the kufar.”

Just so we are clear liberals – Kufar is any non-believer, even good-hearted liberals who think Islam will embrace them.

ISIS continued saying of Agha, “He would attack the apostate’s Web Sites reaping their data and ruining their plans.” Before issuing an edict, “You are either with us or against us”

Same should be said for liberals in this fight against radical Islam. Because radical Islam will not stop until the world is converted to their bankrupt stone age ideas. There are only two sides in this. Liberals must choose.


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