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Evidence Mounts: Is Nancy Pelosi Senile?

Legendary Democrat political consultant Dick Morris is concerned Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is exhibiting signs of senility. Morris, who helped propel Bill Clinton to re-election in 1996, believes the many recent public gaffes from Pelosi might belie a serious medical issue for the nearly 77-year-old House Minority Leader.

According to Conservative Tribune, Dick Morris expressed concern for Pelosi saying, “when you look at her statements over the past couple of months, you’re driven to the conclusion that she really has begun to lose it.”

“She constantly confuses the name of the president, she recently gave a whole thing denouncing Bush when in fact she was planning to denounce Trump,” Morris said with a chuckle. “She’s missing her cues, saying stuff that’s confused and sort of garbage.”

“When you read the text of her remarks, you wonder what’s the matter with her,” Conservative Tribune reports.

Pelosi has been a little forgetful lately. Two weeks ago, when calling for Attorney General Sessions’ resignation, Pelosi said she had never met Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Moments later social media refreshed Pelosi’s recollection with pictures of her meeting with Ambassador Kislyak.

Recently Pelosi spoke publicly about her plan to retire if Hillary Clinton had won. Apparently, since Trump won, Pelosi feels she has to stay on as House Minority Leader to protect America.

Nancy Pelosi has maintained a death-grip on her House leadership position since 2000, presiding over some of the worst Democrat Party losses in American history. Maybe it is time to retire.

See Democrat political operative Dick Morris’ assessment of Pelosi here.


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