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Bill Maher Accuses CNN’s Jake Tapper of Media Complicity in Trump’s Election

CNN anchor Jake Tapper was a guest on Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”. Maher attacked President Trump for not paying taxes. Could Bill Maher have missed MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow providing proof earlier this week that President Trump paid $38 million in taxes in 2005? That was a full 25% of his taxable income for that year. Percentage-wise Trump paid more of his income in taxes than Obama, Bernie Sanders, Mitt Romney, and many more.

Maher said Trump violates every rule in the book, “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. Don’t lie. Don’t accuse people of things they’re not guilty of. Don’t boast. Pay your taxes. Serve your country. Don’t be a racist, don’t insult…the handicapped people, and other people who are not as lucky to be as great-looking as you are, Donald.”


Tapper said he thinks, “people didn’t vote for Trump because of those things but in spite of them.” Tapper reasoned, “voters didn’t like Hillary Clinton for a whole bunch of reasons, and they wanted Washinton to do something for them.”

Maher responded, people just like it “when liberals are crying.” Tapper believes Trump stuck his finger in all the establishment’s eye, not just liberals.

Maher worries, “if half the country wants this guy to be president, we do need the UN to step in, or the United Federation of Planets, or something,” reports Breitbart.

Media’s Role in the Rise of Trump

Bill Maher had quite a few questions for Jake Tapper about the media’s role in Trump’s successful campaign. Maher believes the media, specifically cable news, may have been complicit in putting President Trump in the White House.


Tapper thinks, “there’s fair critique of the media for running a lot of the Trump rallies early on, start to finish with no editorial comment.” Tapper said all the cable news networks did it. Tapper revealed his CNN boss, “Jeff Zucker has acknowledged CNN did that too much.” In CNN’s defense, Tapper said, “some of the toughest interviews of Trump and Clinton were on CNN.”

Trump’s View of the Media

Tapper said he believes, “Trump is trying to discredit the entire Fourth Estate, the media. We’re all fake news, except Fox and Friends.”

Maher told Tapper, “here are some of the things Trump has called reporters:  dishonest, discredited, disaster, dummy, dope, crazy, clown, neurotic, mess, boring, biased, no-talent, loser, sloppy, grubby, third rate, sad, fake, tanking, fraud, pathetic, phony, terrible, negative, one-sided, trouble-makers, crooked, scum, and sad.” To which Tapper hilariously responded, “Trump does have a way with words.”

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