Edward Snowden Crashes Comey’s Party

Edward Snowden is a controversial figure to many. Some think he did a great service to America by exposing illegal surveillance of US citizens, some think he harmed our intelligence community.

Public sentiment often depends on what he is exposing at the time, such is the political divide in this country. That said, what Snowden said today should be heard loud and clear by all Americans.

There is of course, the big James Comey hearing today in the House of Representatives. Not much has been revealed we didn’t already know.

Comey admitted they are looking at Russian interference in our elections, and have been doing so since July 2016. A big yawn for that snoozer.

Big deal. We all know Russia hacked the fools at the DNC who used the password, “password” to protect their email accounts.

And regardless of the hack, all that it did was expose real communications between democratic operatives and Hillary’s campaign. Is it the Russian’s fault if it was scandalous?

Of course not. The democrats were (and still are) corrupt. The corruption runs deep. All the emails did was expose it, and it is the whistleblower’s fault?

So, it is wise to take what Edward Snowden has to say about the whole sordid affair.

Edward Snowden just weighed on the matter, as the directors of the National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation are testifying before the House Intelligence Committee.

The former NSA contractor and current resident of the Soviet Union said he noticed a “red flag” as Comey and Rodgers took questions from Congress about leaks of classified information to the press.

“Red flag: NSA Director careful to discuss only who can unmask USP identities in reporting, not who can access collection involving USPs,” Snowden tweeted Monday. “How many communications in which at least one participant is American are held by the NSA?”

“The question not answered in Congress today.”

Correct – why are we talking about anything except is our government still spying on us without warrants.

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