“Day Without Women” Leader Loses US Citizenship, Gets Deported

How a convicted terrorist becomes a favorite of the liberal left is still a mystery to most. Despite the long line of clowns like Bill Ayers, this was a shocker because of who this terrorist was. And what she did. And why she was allowed to come here.

Her name is Rasmea Odeh. As the Daily Caller reports, “Odeh was alleged to be a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a designated terror group. “

She does have terror convictions on her record. She was convicted in Israel in 1970 of taking part in two bombings. One at a supermarket in Jerusalem which killed two Israeli students. The other at the British consulate.

All told nine people were hurt and two killed injured in the blasts.

Nice huh. Birds of a feather flock together as the saying goes. Then the terrorist’s story takes an inexplicable twist. She came to the U.S.

Odeh was freed from prison in 1980 as part of an Israeli prisoner exchange. She was then allowed to emigrated to the U.S. in the 1990s. She became a citizenship in 2004.

Before you lose your mind wondering how this happened and how stupid can we be, now that she lied to gain entry.

I know that means our vetting system sucked back in the 90’s but at least we got her now because of her lies.

Rasmea Odeh, 69, will avoid jail time as part of a plea deal, her defense committee announced.

“Under this current, racist political climate, and facing 18 months or more of imprisonment, as well as the possibility of indefinite detention by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Rasmea has made the difficult decision to accept a plea agreement,” reads a statement from Rasmea Defense Committee.

Nice huh, they are blaming America for her lies? That tells you all you need to know about this one.

“She will plead guilty to Unlawful Procurement of Naturalization, lose her U.S. citizenship, and be forced to leave the country, but will exit the U.S. without having to serve any more time in prison or ICE detention, a victory, considering that the government had earlier fought for a sentence of 5-7 years.”

Odeh’s troubles started in 2014 when a federal judge in Detroit threw the book at her. She was sentenced to 18 months for immigration fraud for lying on her visa and citizenship forms – she hid her past terrorism convictions on her application.

Let’s hope our vetting process is much better now.


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