Workers Fired After Political Stunt

In a charge filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the immigrant workers from Mexico and Central America claim EZ Industrial Solutions unjustly fired them for taking part in a political protest.

Their bogus complaint alleges that “the employer coercively questioned employees on two separate occasions about their plans to attend rallies scheduled for February 16.


Workers also say they were fired even though company management previously said they would only be handed a one-week suspension for skipping work.”

EZ Industrial Solutions says it acted lawfully when it fired the workers. Operations manager Jordan Yoder said,

“The law is quite clear that employees can’t just not show up to work when they’re expected, and also that they are not free to participate in political, non-work related protests during their work day without consequences. We therefore deny any wrongdoing and are confident that the charge will be dismissed.”


Tony Paris, the worker’s Detroit-based lawyer who filed the NLRB complaint on behalf of the fired workers, claims EZ Industrial Solutions is wrong because they normally don’t require workers to call in about missing work because they have an informal schedule.

“Workers wouldn’t be punished for not calling in because they don’t have to do that anyway,” Paris told the Free Press. “The employer never cared. You could not go in for three days” and then show up and work, he added.

Jordan Yoder refuted the lawyer’s claims telling the Daily Caller, “the allegations that were made by Tony Paris are inaccurate.”

Look, workers need rights, but employers have rights as well and they can set the work-related rules that govern their business. This was a political stunt by the workers and nothing more. When politics intrudes in work (or family) we need to make sure that we leave politics where it belongs.



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