Car Plows Through Times Square – 1 Dead Many Injured

Rick Perry

A car plowed into pedestrians in New York City’s famous Times Square. The scene is still in chaos and we are getting conflicting reports.

Most agree at least one person is dead. Reuters says at least ten people are injured.


CBS News is reporting that car was a red Honda and the driver of the Honda has been pulled from the car and is in custody.

Police responded quickly and have the area on lockdown.

The streets are blocked off surrounding the area and the bomb squad has been called. The attack occurred at lunchtime on a beautiful New York Spring day.


The attack occurred at lunchtime on a beautiful New York Spring day. Sadly, there were many people out enjoying the day.

MSNBC just said the injured list has risen to 13 people. Still one confirmed dead.

They also confirmed the one casualty happened en route to the hospital, not at the scene.


ISIS has long called on their members to use any means necessary to attack the west. Most recently, they have told their followers to use vehicles to ram through heavily used pedestrian areas to cause massive damage.

They did this in Nice, France, London and that German Christmas market last year.

MSNBC just announced the suspect is in custody  – a 26 year-old-male with a history of drunk driving and other arrests. They have not ruled out terrorism nor have they called it that but it sure fits the pattern – young disaffected man with a criminal history and an attack using a vehicle.

New eyewitness reports say he was driving on the sidewalk and never once slowed down – sounds more like terrorism than anything but official word has not been given.



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