Tim Tebow Wins Over Every Liberal Hater In America

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is one of the most beloved figures in America. Yes, he is a superstar athlete who won two national championships at Florida, but that’s not why America loves him.

Fun fact – when Urban Meyer was recruiting Tebow at Florida and Tim was choosing between his final two schools he asked his assistant what would happen if they lost Tebow.


The assistant didn’t miss a beat and said it would set the program back 5 years, but if we get him we will win a few national championships.

What Urban Meyer and the other coaches saw in Tebow went way beyond athletics. They saw a leader of men.

One who will do what all good leaders do – take the hard jobs. Tebow works harder than any other player and when your star does that everyone on the team has to work harder. It’s infectious.

But it is Tebow’s faith that truly sets him apart from the rest of the star athletes. And it is that faith that gave rise to the liberal haters.


When I said Tebow was one of the most beloved figures in America I meant it but I also mean this – he is one of the most hated figures on the left.

They hate him because he faith informs his success and for the liberal atheists this is too much to bear.

That said, what Tebow just did on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon melted hearts and minds and converted even the most hardened liberal to stop hating him and start loving him.

Tim does a lot of charity work but his favorite is ‘Night To Shine – a worldwide prom for people with special needs. Tebow has called it his favorite night of the year.

This year due to his schedule he could not attend with one lucky girl – Judy Adams – but Tebow did the next best thing. He brought her to the Tonight Show and gave her a dance on national TV.

Tebow didn’t leave a dry eye in the house and I challenge you to not tear up when you watch this. And if you are a liberal, admit it, Tebow is one of the best America has to offer.



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