Anderson Cooper Is Tied To The NSA Leaker

Anderson Cooper

The draining of the swamp is continuing. The NSA leaker, Reality Winner, has been apprehended and now one leak is sealed. What does Anderson Cooper have to do with it?

Well, The Truth Division brought this connection to light for us.


On her social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, she showed her strong support fort Michael Moore, Bill Maher, and Stephen Colbert. She even had a connection with Anderson Cooper, personally.

He apparently gave her an autographed photo while saying, “Reality, thank you for your service! Love, Anderson Cooper.” Check it out below.

The Department of Justice is charging her with multiple charges and if she is convicted, she will go to prison for a long time.


She is a politically inspired leaker, not a whistleblower like Edward Snowden. The future can’t belong to people like Ms. Winner. She has no integrity and isn’t serving anyone but herself.

She shows just how radical she is when she said she would support Iran over her own nation! Check out this tweet.

The Intercept and Reality Winner conspired to push the still unproven narrative of collusion between the Russian and President Trump. The liberal control over the media is radicalizing political activists here at home and it won’t be long before they start actually killing conservatives and Trump supporters.

The lack of self-awareness is ridiculous. WikiLeaks already had leaked emails from John Podesta talking about blaming Russia for hacking the election. How do people still take this so seriously they’re willing to go to prison for a very long time.

What do you think? Do you think Anderson Cooper had anything to do with this? Do you think Reality Winner is just the first of many anti-American leakers?

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