Judge Gives Jim Carrey Some Very Costly News

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey just got some news that may break his piggy bank, just days after he went after Trump and defended the worst person in America, Kathy Griffin.

He alone among celebs, or at least that I saw, rushed to the defense of the horrific Griffin after she went too far in her hatred of President Trump.


This is what you call karma Jim and it’s a bitch.

Jim Carrey is embroiled in a messy legal matter. His ex-girlfriend committed suicide after years of being in a relationship with Carrey.

The family of the woman is suing Carrey for wrongful death accusing him of many horrible acts that, they claim, led her over the edge.

They claim Jim gave her drugs, was mentally abusive and gave her STD’s.


STD’s with an S. Plural. Meaning he gave her more than one STD.

Clean living huh Jim?

According to the Daily Mail, a Los Angeles judge has ruled that Cathriona White’s claim that Jim Carrey gave her STDs before she committed suicide is admissible in court.

This will give the wrongful death lawsuits brought by her mother and ex-husband a huge advantage and could break Carrey and leave him penniless.

Under California law, you can’t willfully expose someone to a STD. It is a crime and often forms the basis of legal action for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

That is legal mumbo jumbo for Jim Carrey’s in deep shit. Because emotional distress and especially the reason for it is used when determining a cause of suicide.

If he is found liable he could lose it all. Literally, ask OJ.

For the record, the dirtbag allegedly gave her Herpes I, Herpes II and gonorrhea then called her a whore when she complained. Sounds like a nice guy.

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