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Government Building Named After Obama? Yes. It’s Hilarious

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Local officials in and around Madison, Wisconsin are trying to rename the prominent county government building after former President Barack Obama — “the JFK of our generation.”

The seven-story building is currently named the City-County Building. It’s a gray, soul-crushing, disgusting slab of concrete. Inside the dreary, Soviet apartment-style exterior walls — originally built in 1956 — are administrative offices and a jail.


“Barack Obama was the JFK of our generation,” County Executive Joe Parisi said on Thursday, according to The Capital Times, a Madison newspaper.

“He deserves to be honored, and he deserves to be recognized, not only for his accomplishments but for his commitment to civil discourse and respect, both for those with whom he agreed and for those with whom he disagreed,” Parisi also said as he was working to do a press conference and a photo opportunity.

Al Matano, a member of the Dane County Board of Supervisors and the man who first proposed naming the building after Obama, also spoke at the press conference.


“This is a reference in large measure to the fact that President Obama visited this building — as far as we know the only president who ever did,” Matano said, according to the Cap Times. “And he visited Madison numerous times.”

Matano suggested that dubbing the City-County Building after Obama would be a tribute to Obama’s eight “totally scandal-free” years, the “style and grace with which he served.”

Yes, this guy is actually serious.

A government building named after Obama seems perfect. Naming a useless money stealing building after Obama fits exactly what he did for eight years. He stole our money and did nothing of value.

Do you think Obama deserves this? What about them saying he had eight scandal-free years?

Share this so people know that there are still idiots that worship Obama.

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