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Lisa Durden Fired For Her Racism

Lisa Durden

We are seeing a rise of hate from the left every day. People like Lisa Durden are the leaders of this hate movement.

This is slowly and silently crushing America as we know it. We have seen more and more the way the media portrays the president and his administration. They are trying to do their best to get the President impeached for no actual reason.


They can’t even acknowledge the horrific double standard that they are using. Liberals are going to lose at their own game because they don’t comprehend how this functions.

We saw this not too long ago on live television recently when liberal Black Lives Matter professor Lisa Durden went on with Tucker Carlson.

This moron is a famous attacker of all white people. She doesn’t care what she seems to like or who she goes after.

Durden is doing all that she can in order to paint all white people in a bad light.


She did her best to accomplish this with Tucker Carlson from Fox News.

Fortunately for us, it did not go over quite like she expected.

While on Tucker Carlson’s show, Durden went on a disgusting racist rant, trying to evoke a reaction out of the conservative viewers.

Well, she did just that as the next morning she discovered she had been suspended indefinitely from Essex County College where she works. This is what they liberals are currently learning.

They cannot continue to attack President Donald Trump and his administration without any repercussions.

The have to be held to the same standard that they are holding us too. Isn’t that the only fair way? If you call use racist, you’re racist.

What do you think of Lisa getting in trouble? Isn’t it about time that a liberal got a taste of their own medicine?

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