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Syria Regime Change Plan Scrapped

Syria regime

The hints and lights that have been wavering on and off from Washington and Paris since the change of governments in the US and France that the attempt to change the Syria regime is finally being abandoned. Wow, it only took a little common sense. Now the regime change plan is done for permanently.

This has come in a joint news conference by Presidents Trump and Macron following President Trump’s talks with President Macron in France.


President Macron set out the statement of abandonment of the regime change policy in Syria in the clearest way possible

There is now a new approach towards the Syria regime because the world needs results and the world must work very closely together, mostly the US and its allies, in order to eradicate ISIS.

There is one main goal, and that is to eradicate terrorism, no matter who they are, we want to build an inclusive and sustainable political solution.

The world doesn’t need Assad to be dethroned. That is no longer needed for France and the US.


There should be an open admission of failure in Syria and that the western nations must support a Russian influence in Syria. This isn’t a battle over oil as the US will be the number 1 oil exporter by 2020. This is creating allies out of controversy

Obviously, America and France don’t support an Assad regime because it’s ideological similar it is simply a support for Assad OVER ISIS. With Assad in power and no ISIS, Syria is a very stable nation. Everyone is safe from Islamic terrorism.

It has taken six bitter years of conflict and five terrible years of war to arrive at this point. Though Trump and Macron are not to the reason for the mess. The mess to clean up is a huge one and foreign policy will be delicate through all of this.

What do you think of the change in foreign policy?

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