The Exact Moment Melania Won Hearts and Minds of French Nation

Melania Trump is winning the hearts and minds of the people of every nation she has visited on her whirlwind foreign trips with President Trump.

She wowed them in the middle east, stunned them in Israel, got a standing ovation in Poland, and charmed Putin in Hamburg.


She has done a great job and recent poll numbers show that Americans are taking notice.

When she went to Italy and visited the Pope her Catholic faith was introduced to the world and the Italians loved her for it.

Now in France she won over the entire French nation with what she did at Notre Dame.



This comes on the heels of her surprise trip to a Children’s hospital in central Paris.

Melania looked gorgeous in a bright red suit jacket and matching skirt and red heels as she wowed waiting paparazzi  when she arrived in the Enfants Malades wing at Necker Hospital in Paris.

According to the Daily Mail, her visit to the hospital to spend time with very sick children was Melania’s first public engagement during her quick two-day visit to France.

Melania surprised the children and made them all smile wide when she spoke French to them.

Did you know our new First Lady speaks 5 languages?

Well the children did not and they were impressed – French people, even children love it when we speak their language.

Melania posted a photo to her various social media accounts of herself shaking hands with one of the patents at the hospital. 
“Thank U @hospital_necker for allowing me to visit your wonderful patients & inspirational staff,’ she wrote on Twitter. ‘Continued prayers for good health for all.”

“Hello! Bonjour! How are you?” Melania Trump said as she entered the room before switching to French and speaking directly to the children, giving them a thrill of a lifetime.

Melania is also fluent in Serbian, German, Italian and English.

But it was her elegant outfit that had the women of France doing a  jealous double take. French women are famous for their sense of fashion and for mocking American first ladies when they come for visits – we all remember what they said about Michelle Obama.

But they can’t mock Melania, she is simply too elegant and classy for them to do anything but applaud.

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