Watch: Trump Gives Most Epic Handshake Yet

Trump went to Paris after a great trip to Germany for the G20 summit and wowed a nation who usually try to go out of their way to denigrate Americans.

The French love to say they hate us but without America they’d all be speaking German. And they know it.


Trump visited Napoleon’s Tomb at Les Invalides. Macron was obviously trying to impress Trump because he gave Trump full military honors.

Later in the day Macron went all in on his attempt to solidify their growing relationship – they started out on not so good terms if you recall – by giving him the place of honor as the French did their annual military parade for Bastille day.

“It was spectacular,” NPR’s Eleanor Beardsley said, “this was the crowning moment of President Trump’s trip — a spectacular military parade down the Champs-Elysées that he was able to watch from his grandstand seat at the Place de la Concorde.”

Trump was impressed with his hosts sincere attempt to make their relationship work, look Trump makes deals he doesn’t hold grudges, and heaped praise on Macron.

“We have a very good relationship, a good friendship,” Trump said before calling Macron “a great president.”


But it was handshake when Trump departed France that has all the media talking. Trump is by now famous for how he shakes hands with a kind if scissors motion.

Trump engaged Macron in a lengthy handshake that shows the affection the two leaders have toward each other. It began with a standard handshake, then turned into a bro-hug of sorts with both men  all smiles knowing full well what the media would be saying.

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