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President Trump Is Getting Ready For 2020

President Trump

President Trump is just rolling through the fundraising atmosphere. His campaign operation managed to raise $13.9 million between April and June. This is impressive because he drew a lot of money from donors who don’t typically donate much at all.

The Trump campaign spent $4.37 million during the second quarter. A good portion was for lodging. $2 million was spent on digital services.


Also, in addition to the Trump campaign, there are two joint fundraising committees dubbed Trump Victory and Trump Make America Great Again Committee. These two collect money that is distributed to Trump’s campaign.

Individuals are permitted to give as much as $450,000 to join fundraiser committees.

A California couple, the Tangs, donated $300,000 to President Trump and Dan Adams in South Carolina gave $100,000. These people gave to the 2016 campaign, but neither gave more than $50,000 during that time.

The joint fundraising groups sent $980,000 to the RNC. Nearly a dozen state parties also were given money, Minnesota, Missouri, and West Virginia.


The biggest funds given to Trump Victory and the Trump Make America Great Again came from other donors who haven’t given much to Trump before.

The leading donors are Lianbo Wang and Sherry Li from New York. They donated a combined $600,000 to Trump Victory.

Trump is doing something that scares the Democrats. He is raising a lot of money. He beat Clinton who outspent Trump astronomically, what will happen when Trump has the same amount of money to spend.

The Democrats better hope that Kamala Harris is the cash cow they believe her to be. She may be a bright star for the Democrats, but with all of this Russia nonsense and the mainstream media showing blatant bias, they are shooting her in the foot before she can even run.

What do you think of this great news? Should the Democrats be terrified of the Trump fundraising efforts?


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