Kathy Griffin Worst Kind of News For A Hollywood Celebrity

Was it worth it Kathy Griffin? All your Trump bashing publicity stunts? Really we want to know because the verdict is in and the American people find you guilty as charged.

And in a fate worse than death or prison, for a showboat celebrity, Kathy Griffin finally learned her fate.


And Kathy Griffin is crying like a little baby because all her scandalous actions, all her dirty deeds, all the jobs she lost she did for one reason – to revive her failed career.

The jobs were not as big as the media made out, oh sure they hurt her where it matters, her pocketbook but Kathy had  a higher agenda.

She wanted back in the big time.

She wanted what she considered her rightful spot on Hollywood’s A-list, not her usual spot on the D-list.


But, much to Kathy’s horror she is not even on the D-list anymore. Instead she is in the worst place of all – Hollywood Celebrity Jail, or to use the parlance of the day – ignominy.

She has been publicly shamed and humiliated and she will not recover and if she does her career certainly will not,

The Hollywood reporter just took their poll of TV personalities and Kathy Griffin thought she would shoot to the top after her bashing Trump relentlessly for months.

But no, in a shock to her ego even the liberals have turned on her and placed in celebrity p=jail, Hollywood purgatory.

She didn’t make the list because America has already forgotten about her and her entire career.

And to make matters worse for the Kathy, Joanna Gaines., who Kathy has also attacked came in at number 1.

Karma’s a bitch Kathy. Enjoy your stay in Hollywood jail for the rest of your days, broke and forgotten as you deserve to be.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joanna Gaines is number 1 in their inaugural Top TV Personalities chart.

Easily beating Bill Maher, Anderson Cooper, Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and the rest of their Trump bashing ilk.

The Top TV Personalities chart ranks the most popular TV personalities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus as well as takes ratings into account.

The global data is provided by social media measuring company MVPindex working in conjunction with the various social media sites.

In other words this is a pretty accurate poll.

Joanna Gaines easily won the coveted top spot and crushed the hapless and friendless Kathy Griffin and the scandalous Rachel Maddow and Joy Behar who didn’t even make the list.

Which is just humiliating based on how much publicity they got bashing Trump since before he even won the election.

The top ten are:

1. Joanna Gaines 2. Gordon Ramsay 3. Tyra Banks, 4. Chris Hayes, 5. Bill Maher, 6. Steve Harvey, 7. Jonathan Scott, 8. Anthony Bourdain, 9. Martha Stewart, 10. Anderson Cooper

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