Michelle Obama Hangs Head In Shame As Shocking Video Of Malia Goes Viral (Video)

Malia Obama took a  year off  before she will attend Harvard University. And it seems the extra year nor his obvious book smarts she still has a lot of learning to do.

She will start college at Harvard in just a few weeks, and she was in her hometown of Chicago to attend the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago.  


She should know by now that the cameras are always watching and that even her friends will sell her out to get their 5 minutes of fame.

She need be more careful and while girls will be girls and act goofy at concerts this shocking video almost begs the question if she was under the influence.

What are you smoking Malia?


Malia Obama oozes privilege. She took a year off after high school and now she is going to Harvard in the fall. It’s a miracle that she got into Harvard, oh wait, no it’s not, her father used to be president of the law review there.

Nepotism and entitlements are shown in full effect with the Obama children. They have not earned anything yet they are doing exactly what Obama rails against.

He rails against children of privilege while putting his children into a world of privilege. It’s almost like he’s a fraudulent liar.

Malia’s friend throws herself to the ground while Obama’s daughter jokingly pretends to play the drums, matching her moves with the music.

She then helps her friend up before they turn to watch the rest of the show, but the party was far from over.

Later Malia took her turn to writhe and roll on the grass, thrashing around before headbanging and pounding the ground during a guitar riff.

Hell, maybe she is on drugs?



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