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Air Force General Accurately Predicts How Long It Would Take To Wipe North Korea Off Map

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Retired US Air Force Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney made an announcement on Fox News on Monday. He said that if the North Korean regime decided to launch a nuclear attack on the US or South Korea, the despotic regime would only about 15 minutes to enjoy it because then the country would no longer exist.

“If he gets our full nuclear retaliatory capability, within minutes after one round going into Seoul, there will be nothing left,” McInerney told Fox’s Liz Claman on “Countdown to the Closing Bell.”


“If you go to airborne alert — we used to call it ‘chrome dome’ — with nuclear weapons, and then we start building up our other forces, et cetera, he will not last 15 minutes,” McInerney said.

The US Air Force has control of all ICBMs in the US arsenal. They are all prepped and ready to go at all times. As are the nuclear bombers. There are bombers that run a rotation in Guam, but the regular duty station for the nuclear bombers is Minot, ND and Barksdale, LA.

The Washington Post announced on Tuesday that US intelligence reports on the progress of North Korea’s nuclear program had believed that the regime is now miniaturizing the nuclear bombs. They believe that the nation now has around 60 nuclear devices.


McInerney gave his solution to the impending danger from North Korea.

“I would form a political area treaty organization, similar to NATO,” he told Claman. “I would have South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, and other countries out there form a bulwark, not only against North Korean expansion but at Chinese expansion. I would start moving in more Thaad missiles. I would put our nuclear retaliatory capability on ground alert … I would start increasing our naval and air forces in the region.”

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