Rush Limbaugh Accurately Diagnoses GOP’s Fatal Disease And Why Trump’s Only Cure

And the winner for best takedown of the establishment Republican party from the media goes to… Rush Limbaugh.

And it wasn’t even close.


Not that he had much competition from a media known to sleepwalk through work spouting talking points from whomever pays them the most.

Like a lost tribe of zombies wandering with palms outstretched ready to dance for their supper.

That’s the thing about the media most people miss.


Sure they are biased and terrible and anti-Trump. And for some this is how they really feel.

But for the executives, anti-Trump sells.

But they can’t touch Rush Limbaugh when it comes to ripping the cowards in the establishment GOP who have always been against Trump.

Nationally syndicated conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh went after the Washington D.C establishment’s “wimpism” in a hilarious segment of his radio show.

Blasting the D.C. establishment cowering in fear that President Donald Trump’s “fire and fury” comments may inflame the brutal regime and consider Trump’s words dangerous, Limbaugh said, 

“What does this mean? It means that ‘wimpism’ has taken over the Washington establishment, that ‘wussism’ and ‘wimpism’ and ‘pajama boyism’ has taken over.”

Correct. And he pointed out that there is zero reason to be afraid of North Korea and that some of the comments were meant to show China we are finally serious and had nothing to do with North Korea.

“Would we run around acting afraid of a zit on a pig?” Limbaugh said and reminded his listeners that despite North Korea’s nukes they can’t “hit the side of a barn” with their arsenal.

He continued,

“What are we supposed to do, just sit here and wait until the real one is airborne and hope that being gentle and compassionate and unprovocative will stop this lunatic from doing what he’s doing? Is that what we’re to believe here?”

No that’s what Obama and the establishment GOP believe and look where those wimps left us. Thankfully Rush has a cure for this fatal GOP disease, Donald Trump.

“They’ve been doing this to our country for a long time, for many years,” Trump said referring to North Korea. “It’s about time that somebody stuck up for this country and for the people of other countries.”



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