Trump Gives General Kelly New Nickname As Kelly Prepares Total White House Reorganization

White House chief of staff John Kelly spent the last week in Bedminster, N.J., preparing for a major overhaul for the West Wing. There is no doubt Trump picked the right man for the job.

He has been in meetings kicking the tires and turning over every last rock to devise a strategy to make it work better.


According to Politico, Kelly generated a list of concerns that terrified the troublemakers still in the oval office.

His list includes: aides without clear portfolios, decisions that aren’t made with proper vetting and internal fights — specifically the organized campaign against national security adviser H.R. McMaster.

In his meetings, where he is laying down the law, Kelly made clear that change is coming and that people better be more concerned with the president’s agenda and less concerned with their own.


The leaks of course not just coming from Trump’s enemies but his own staff is leaking on each other.

Kelly was also furious at a TV performance by national security aide Sebastian Gorka who questioned Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s comments about North Korea.

Seb Gorka is a good guy but he is a blunt instrument. Which is why Trump calls him his pitbull.

But going after the clowns on CNN is a bit different that taking on Rex fricking Tillerson.

The guy is a legend and while Gorka is clearly one in his own mind, he doesn’t have the body of work to justify his comments.

Basically Kelly is planning a total reorganization of west wing to rid the White House of mischief makers.

“Too many people who populated the West Wing didn’t have their Number One priority as expert service for the president and therefore the country and were too concerned about the inside game,” said Matt Schlapp, “When a White House turns into this extent of factions, it really destroys your ability to implement an agenda.”

Schlapp is a former aide to President George W. Bush who knows what he is talking about and leader of CPAC.

“Of course Kelly is and should be auditing everyone and figuring out what everyone’s role is and if people are in the right place,” one senior administration official told Politico. “That’s what he is doing.”

Look every single modern President has done a major shakeup before his first year is over. Because governing is different from campaigning.

Trump understands this because flexibility has always been his single greatest asset. And he seems pleased with the work of general Kelly.

So pleased he gave him another nickname.

“General Kelly has done a fantastic job,” Trump said. “‘Chief,’ I call him, ‘Chief.’ He’s a respected man, he’s a four-star general from the Marines, and he carries himself like a four-star from the Marines.”



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