After Another NFL Player Disgraced Anthem Last Night, League Owners Get Brutal News

The NFL has been having some issues lately as we all know. It started with Colin Kaepernick and the snowball of controversy has just gathered up momentum from there with more and more players kneeling during the Star-Spangled Banner.

Now The Wildcard is reporting that the league has another major headache. In its season-opening game Thursday night, the New England Patriots faced off against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Patriots are so strong that they’re heavy favorites to win the Super Bowl again this year.


The game was filled with hard-hitting action and great plays, plus it had a major surprise twist after the Chiefs knocked the Patriots out 42-27.

So naturally you would think that a ton of people were watching.

That wasn’t the case, however. The game actually got the lowest ratings in about a decade.

The game got a rating of 14.6. That’s the lowest NFL season-opening game since 2009, when the Pittsburgh Steelers played the Tennessee Titans and got a 25 share.


The rating is taken from the percent of all homes or apartments watching the game and a share means what percentage of viewers were watching the show out of all viewers watching TV at the time.

A possible reason for these awful ratings apart from the controversy around Kaepernick and kneeling players is that TV was very focused on the advance of Hurricane Irma which is expected to hit Florida tomorrow.

Having said that, the NFL has seen a steady downward trend of its ratings since last year. They fell by 8% in 2016 compared to 2015 and primetime NFL broadcasts were down 10% and 12%. These are huge declines when you consider how many million less viewers that represents.

It’s pretty clear that some NFL fans are getting sick and tired of stunts like this at last night’s game.

Last year the NFL blamed its low ratings on the fact that everyone was paying attention to the election, but the trend is clearly also related to these anti-anthem protests.

Colin Kaepernick is definitely paying the price and he’s unlikely to play in the league again.

Now the NFL is also paying the price bigtime with these massively low ratings.

If you are concerned about the NFL’s issues, keep in mind that this controversy is spreading. NBA players are now being encouraged to follow suit and support the anthem protest.

What do you think about these low ratings? Has Colin Kaepernick sacked the NFL and ruined it for good or is this just a temporary dip caused by Hurricane Irma?

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