General Mattis Gets Approval From Trump To Take Drastic Action Next Time North Korea Gets Cute

General James Mattis has been given authority to shoot down incoming North Korean missiles.

A new report from Western Journalism shows that President Trump is giving Secretary of Defense General James Mattis the authority he needs to defend America.

North Korea has been increasing threats against the United States with its nuclear tests and threats of an EMP attack.


Speaking on Friday, President Trump made it clear about what’s going to happen if America decides to take out the North Korean regime.

In the same press conference, Trump stated that military action against the Hermit Kingdom does remain “an option” but is not “inevitable.”

Now a report indicates that Mattis has been given authority to shoot down and destroy any missile launched by North Korea that is headed towards the US. This includes Hawaii and Guam as well as the continental US.

According to sources with inside access to Trump’s national security operations, North Korea’s threat to hit Guam caused President Trump to give the order to Mattis.



Also, Trump is currently debating whether to issue the same authority to shoot down any missile headed for South Korea or Japan, both of whom are close US allies in the region.

Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton called the decision by Trump “a clear exercise of self-defense” and said “there’s no question we should do it.”


“There is general consensus in the White House and the Pentagon that North Korea is quite close to the ‘red zone’ and that the U.S. must act soon or lose the upper hand,” a source close to the President said.

According to Bolton a preemptive hit on North Korea is getting more likely by the day and we are “close to the finish line.

“It highlights how little time we have here,” Bolton said of the rogue state’s recent nuclear tests.

This authorization to Mattis is key, because in an attack there is no time to go through complicated bureaucratic approval processes.

An expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies called Thomas Karako said a missile attack comes down to a “game of minutes” but that noticing a missile has been launched quickly enough to mount an effective shoot down can be a matter of “seconds.”

“Keep in mind the entire flight time from North Korea to the United States is well under any hour (and) the authority is given in advance. It’s predesignated,” Karako explained.

Those who know a lot about these matters said Trump’s order will be effective in protecting America. Former head of the US Missile Defense Agency James Syring said he is “very confident” the shoot down order would succeed in busting North Korea nukes out of the sky in time to “defend the homeland.”

On Friday, in his typically understated style, Mattis said that if North Korea attacks “we’ll deal with it.”

“We’ll deal with it,” Mattis said.

In Mattis We Trust. This guy is a genuine legend.


What is your opinion about this story? Do you think Gen. Mattis is doing a good job as Secretary of Defense?

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