Trump Makes 3 Game Changing Tax Promises For Every Middle Class Family In America

President Trump is gearing up for the fight of his life over the tax code. He ran on reform and everyone, even the Democrats, agree we need to modernize the tax code.

So it should be easy right?


No. The entrenched interests, the swamp if you will, has much to lose with a better tax code. Because they have gamed the system – by paying off the politicians or having their lobbyists do it, in their favor.

Loopholes and complex rules are the tricks they use to pay less which means we pay more. It really is a zero sum game (considering what we must pay out every month) when it comes to taxes and the average American deserves a much needed break.

And that is who Trump is fighting for, don’t listen to the media when they say it’s not so, and he is taking his case direct to the people.

Trump said at his weekly address,


“Earlier this week, I visited the hardworking citizens of North Dakota to promote our vision for tax cuts and tax reform that will create opportunity and prosperity for millions and millions of Americans. As President, I am committed to pursuing an economic policy that lifts up all of our citizens, provides hope for all of our communities, and generates wealth for everyday hardworking people and it’s about time.

Since January, we’ve already created 1.2 million jobs. Unemployment is near a 16-year low. Wages are rising. But for our economy to truly take off like it should, we must cut taxes and reform our badly-broken tax system.

Our current burdensome tax code is a massive lead weight against the American economy. It costs us millions of jobs, trillions of dollars, and billions and billions of hours wasted on paperwork and compliance.

My Administration is working closely with Congress to develop a plan that will deliver more jobs, higher pay, and lower taxes for businesses of all sizes and most importantly for Middle-Class families all across America.”

Correct then he offered his 3 game changing ideas that made the swamp cry,

“First, we are going to make filing taxes as simple as possible. If you’re like most Americans, under our plan you will file your taxes on a single page. What a difference that will make – and you won’t need to keep endless receipts and paperwork. We are freeing you from the horrible tax maze.”

Please make this happen.

“Secondly, we will cut taxes for Middle-Class families. We want you to keep more of your hard earned money. This way, you could spend it, you could save it, you could do whatever you want.”

This would kick start the economy for sure.

“Third, we will restore our competitive edge so we can create more jobs and higher wages for the American worker…We are going to cut taxes on American Industry so we can create more business in our country.”


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