Joanna Gaines Takes Off Kid Gloves, Punches Martha Stewart Right In Nose

Joanna Gaines

The next several weeks are going to be fun on HGTV and on the magazine rack. With the turmoil in Washington, the steam of hurricanes, and the start of the NFL season have people distracted from the threat that Joanna Gaines poses to the famed Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart had a complete redesign of Martha Stewart Living magazine and it made its debut with its October issue just hitting newsstands. It features the domestic icon on the cover and huge pictures and a very simplistic layout inside the magazine.


It would seem that this comes on the heels of Joanna Gains and the Magnolia Journal which is only a year old but is gaining some serious steam and taking quite a bite out of Stewart’s print sales. The printing company working with Gaines is over a century old so they definitely know what they’re doing.

Each title’s most recent issue is about fall, of course, but interestingly each carries cover teasers about stories inside on soups and on apples and each uses the word “cozy” to describe a feature of home design. Hmm.

The redesign to MSL will please Stewart’s base quite well. The issue is 144 pages and has a ton of intricate DIY projects, outlandish pictures, and a lot of advice from the creator herself. This issue is of course primed for Halloween with pictures of her in costumes and a series of Halloween recipes.

Gaines, the editor-in-chief of MJ, is also all over her 104-page issue, putting in her two cents on home decor, food, renovations, etc.


In fact, both issues are chock-a-block with cross promotions — showing just how viciously that Joanna and Martha are trying to push their brands. They have numerous ads for paint, furniture, and personal appearances.

Gaines’ title, published on heavier stock, is perhaps the magazine world’s most outstanding rookie publication. It is on fire.

What do you think of Joanna Gaines gaining ground?

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