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Melania Trump Announces White House’s Next Move To Help Victims Of Hurricane Irma

Melania Trump just announced the White House's next step in response to help victims of Hurricane Irma

Faith Family America has an important story today about First Lady Melania Trump’s announcement of the White House’s next step to help victims of Hurricane Irma. The awful monster storm has done enormous damage to big parts of the Caribbean, Florida and other US states. Millions of people have no electricity and are flooded.

Tragically, at least 12 Americans have also been killed by Hurricane Irma as southern states struggles to survive its onslaught.


People have been touched by the acts of kindness towards victims of Hurricane Irma and the determination of first responders. They were also impressed by President Trump’s dedication in his response to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

Now Melania is announcing the White House’s next step in dealing with Hurricane Irma.

She and POTUS will fly to Florida this Thursday to observe damage caused by the hurricane and reassure survivors and victims.

While the schedule of the Florida trip has not yet been released, we can be sure it will include the kind of commitment we saw during Hurricane Harvey. Florida Governor Rick Scott has also been exemplary in his response to Hurricane Irma.Attempts by the liberals to insult Trump over Hurricane Irma have been very unsuccessful, by the way. pray for Florida!
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