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Navy SEAL Discovers Easy Solution To North Korea Mess Obama Left For Trump

One Navy SEAL has a unique solution to the North Korea crisis.

The Navy SEALS are the toughest fighters in the world. They can shoot, swim, slash and parachute their way into enemy territory and win victory before their opponent even knows they were there. A famous SEAL motto is “the only easy day was yesterday.” This means you always have to work harder than the day before and there’s no free ride.

SEALs aren’t just tough as nails, they’re also some of the smartest fighters out there. They can think outside the box and come up with solutions nobody else can see.


Now one former SEAL has put his expertise to work with a simple and ingenious solution to the North Korean crisis, as Business Insider reports. Dictator Kim Jong-un keeps escalating, and the US keeps responding, but the basic situation doesn’t change. This has left many to wonder: what can we do?

Former SEAL Jocko Willink was asked on Twitter what he would do about North Korea. Would he bomb it, infiltrate with strike teams or try to overthrow the regime?

None of the above.

Although some people may think this is funny or strange, one North Korea expert at the Stimson Center said it actually has a lot of truth to it.


“Kim Jong Un understands that as soon as society is open and North Korean people realize what they’re missing, Kim’s regime is unsustainable, and it’s going to be overthrown,” Sun explained.

Can you imagine how the North Korean people might react if they knew the full extent of the death camps around their country and the corruption inside the government while they starve?

In the past South Korea has air-dropped brochures and DVDs over the Hermit Kingdom telling the people about their evil government. This made Kim Jong-un freak out and threaten military strikes.

One of North Korea’s worst nightmares is a nation of people with internet and the ability to find out actual news. The internet there is heavily restricted and only accessible by top party members.

Dropping technology all over the rogue state would lead to a lot of criticism, Sun admits, because it would be giving valuable things to a nation that’s hurt so many of its people. More help of any kind to the nuclear-armed state would undoubtedly be mainly grabbed and exploited by its own dictatorial government.

“We will have to swallow the consequence that of $100 investment, maybe $10 would reach the people,” Sun explained.

In North Korea there is brutal punishment for any citizen who watches North Korean media, but if smartphones were dropped all over the country it would be quite difficult for the government to completely round them all up and eliminate the devices.

For that reason, Sun believes Willink’s plan contains a vitally accurate point.

“They’re not going to denuclearize until their regime changes and society changes,” he said. “This approach may be the longer route, but it has the hope of succeeding.”

What do you think of Willink’s plan?

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