Bill O’Reilly Reveals Trick Putin Used To Make Megyn Kelly Look Stupid On National TV

Bill O’Reilly just broke his silence in an explosive new interview. He discussed many topics including the state of Fox News since he left and the trick Vladimir Putin used to make Megyn Kelly look stupid on national television.

In a wide-ranging new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Bill didn’t hold anything back.


On Megyn Kelly’s interview with Vlad Putin Bill Said,

“Well, Putin is scary. And I knew as soon as I saw Putin’s facial expression what he was going to do with Megyn Kelly. That he was going to deny everything. It doesn’t matter how much evidence she had, he was going to deny it. So right away, you’ve got a guy talking in Russian — who understands English, by the way; it’s the old Fidel Castro trick — and he’s looking at her and he’s got this little sneer on his face going, “Look, lady, you can ask me anything, and I’m just going to deny it and I’m going to try to make you look stupid.” And that’s what he did. And with me, that’s not going to work because I’d get right in his face.”

Correct what a missed opportunity and that is why Vlad gave the hapless Kelly the big interview, because he knew she was mo match for him.

On how his incredibly successful 20 year relationship with Fox ended Bill said,


That wasn’t what was bothering me. I’ve had a terrific career, and I’m a lucky guy, and I’m not, you know, one of these guys that wants to hang on to the cliffs. You don’t want me working for you, that’s fine. They made a decision. It was purely a business decision. But the way it was done, I’m over in Rome [on vacation]. My [legal] team was caught by surprise because we had an amazing amount of exculpatory stuff that we had presented. And it just — it was sad. That’s the word, sad.

On Fox after Bill O’Reilly he said,

“Well, I’m not going to say anything bad about Fox News. I have 20 years, six months in there, and I think it would be untoward for me to say anything negative about Fox News. They’re still a very strong brand, and they still have great correspondents, and their presentation is very, very professional. But I’m a different agent. I do things differently, and that’s why we were very successful.”



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